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About Us

We are a “product-supported system integrator”. We supply individual robotics solutions with both, products from our own development and components from our key partners.



We want to advance automation, in order to contribute to the progress of our society and to relieve humans from physically difficult and monotonous work.


Our mission is to take automation in your production one step further. 

To this end, we supply robot-guided handling and assembly solutions, supplemented by industrial image processing and mobile robotics.

With our AI° branded products, we offer solutions for position optimisation of robot applications.

We are proud to offer robot-guided hemming applications with in-house developed tools and systems.


EngRoTec-Solutions GmbH is part of a group of companies which is committed to digitization and automation of production since it was founded in 2009 with a total of 250 experienced employees.

EngRoTec-Solutions GmbH plays an important part in this area, as it can offer specialist know-how with its‘ products and methodologies in the field of robotics and industrial image processing


  • Foundation of EngRoTec-Solutions GmbH
  • Development start of robot-guided hemming systems and image processing-assisted robot guidance systems.


  • Market launch of the first  robot-guided hemming system.


  • BMW AG places a long-term framework agreement for robot-guided hemming systems for its mid- and luxury-class vehicles.
  • Implementation of first projects in the field of smart sensor technology for Daimler AG.


  • Introduction of the AI° brand. The brand represents smart machine-vision-products, with focus on laser triangulation and robot-vision-solutions.
  • Expansion of business activities outside of the automotive industry with projects in the medical, pharmaceutical and electronics sectors.


  • Development start of the „product supported system integrator“ business model
  • The Inspect Award is given to the AI° Robot Guidance System on the  basis of the VISIONSCANNER2 and VISIONELEMENTS software.


  • Release of the AI° Robot Guidance System on the basis of the VISIONSCANNER2 in the Volkswagen Group (VW Brand).
  • Framework agreement conclusion with BMW AG for robot-guided roller hemming systems in the area of add-on part and wheel housing hemming for all model series worldwide until 2030.
  • First projects in the field of e-mobility, rail and plastics.
  • First Technology Day in Hünfeld with a focus on lightweight robotics, engineering methodology and automation components.


  • 10 Years of EngRoTec-Solution GmbH
  • Official start of the partnership with OMRON and KUKA as certified system integrators.
  • AI° VISIONSCANNER2 becomes UR+ product and is available as a standardised component for robot position optimisation from UniversalRobots. 
  • Company restructuring from a systems technology supplier to a “product-supported systems integrator” involving the merger of the folding technology/automation and image processing divisions, a new team structure and amendments to the corporate culture.

New Work

Although we are a very technical company, ultimately though, everything revolves around people. Around our customers, around their customers and last but not least around our team. With the idea of “New Work”, we aim to focus on the meaning of our work, whilst at the same time seeking to contribute to unburden humans in order to provide them with meaningful work.

In order to develop the best possible solution, appreciative and trust-based cooperation within the team, but likewise with our clients and partners, is essential, so that each individual takes responsibility whilst considering individual personalities and what motivates them. We communicate openly and transparently. We design our value propositions innovatively and performance-oriented in line with the requirements of our clients.

Customer orientation from Sales to Service

Meaningfulness of our Actions

Value Orientation in our Offerings

A Mindset towards Innovation & Efficiency

Continuous Learning & Teaching

Transparency in our Communication

Agility in Development & Execution

Digitalisation of our & the customers‘ processes

Feedback culture to continuously improve