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Who we are & what we do

About us

Who we are & what we do

About us

We are a “product-supported system integrator”. We supply customized robotics solutions with products from our own development as well as components from our key partners.


In order to contribute to the progress of our society and relieve people of physically heavy and monotonous work, we want to advance automation.


Our mission is to take automation in your production one step further. We also supply robot-guided handling and assembly solutions, supplemented by industrial image processing and mobile robotics. With our AI° brand products, we offer solutions for optimizing the position of robot applications.We proudly offer robot-guided folding applications with tools and systems developed in-house.


EngRoTec- Solutions GmbH has been part of the Rollomatic Group SA, based in Le Landeron, Switzerland, since 2024.

EngRoTec-Solutions is characterized by the development and distribution of robotics products and systems. Starting with special joining technologies and image processing systems for the automotive industry, the company has focused on the development of special mobile robotics systems for the pharmaceutical, medical and machine tool industries, among others, since the beginning of 2021.

There is a close relationship with the EngRoTec group of companies, which provides services in virtual engineering as well as in administration and IT.











Our culture

New Work

Even though we are a very technical company, ultimately everything revolves around people. For our customers, their customers and, last but not least, our team. With the idea of “New Work”, we strive to focus on the meaning of our work, but at the same time we want our activities to help relieve the burden on people in order to provide them with meaningful work.

In order to develop the best possible solution, respectful and trust-based collaboration within the team, but also with our customers and partners, is essential. Each individual takes responsibility and takes into account the individual personalities and what moves them. We communicate openly and transparently. We design our value propositions according to our customers’ wishes, in an innovative and performance-oriented manner.

Customer orientation from sales to service

Meaningfulness of action

Value orientation in our offers

Mindset on innovation & efficiency

Continuous learning & teaching

Transparency in our communication

Agility in development & processing

Digitization of our & the customer processes

Feedback culture for continuous improvement

New Opportunities

Seamless, Limitless Technology

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Your Safety is Very Important to Us!

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