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Robot-guided handling & assembly

Put your automation project in our hands – with confidence. We develop suitable solutions for you, for both, handling but also for various other robot-assisted assembly tasks.

Our in-depth knowledge of robotics, industrial image processing and digital engineering processes allows us to implement solutions for flexible and scalable production scenarios, accommodating the different environmental conditions of the industrial sectors in question.

"Our unique selling point is the know-how in industrial image processing paired with robotics."
Lars Neumann
Team Leader Project Management

Robot-guided Handling

Transporting parts into and out of a production facility is often very strenuous for humans. For new or existing production facilities, we offer solutions through the targeted use of robotics to relieve such burden on your employees and whilst increasing process efficiency at the same time. Using the latest engineering tools, from concept to implementation, we tailor the solution perfectly to your requirements.

Robot-assisted assembly

Robot technology allows a high degree of flexibility in modern production facilities. Our in-depth knowledge in automation technology, robotics and industrial image processing results in solutions for the mechanical joining of components for you, if required also with integrated inspection of the components. All this in cycle times from a few seconds to several minutes with high variance of the production parts at the same time.

Mobile handling & assembly

In some production scenarios, a stationary robot is not cost-effective or increased flexibility is required in order to avoid expensive modifications to existing machines. A possible solution is a combination of a mobile platform with 6-axis kinematics, paying particular attention to safety aspects to avoid any hazards for your human colleagues. For part weights ranging from a few grams up to 300 kilograms, we offer various solutions supplied by our partners OMRON and KUKA.

Looking to automate your handling- or production processes?

Here are the ingredients for a successful automation implementation…

Conceptualise & Plan

With our simulation- and visualisation tools, concepts in respect of cycle times or required surface area can be defined and verified at a very early stage by making use of a ‘digital twin’.

Key Components

Our preferred components include cobots, heavy-duty robots, high-speed and mobile robots. When it comes to safety, end-of-arm, image processing as well as control technology, we rely on our own innovative systems as well as those of our partners.

Control & Visualize

A successful automation effort includes, above all, a clear visualisation, error analysis and correction, as well as maintenance and servicing scenarios – whether from afar or online at the system.

Manage Projects Efficiently

At the beginning of a project, there is a thorough alignment of our client’s expectations with our proposed solution, details of which are provided in considerable detail. Naturally, our project managers put the customer’s requirements first.

Produce safely

Our in-house safety engineers pay special attention to safety when designing your solution. From risk assessment to CE conformity. In any production environment.                                                                                                                                                                               

Cleanroom Solutions

Robotics in cleanrooms must meet special requirements. Our robotic solutions meet EU GMP standards and also reliably function in ESD-protected environments.                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Robotics Expertise

We programme and parameterise your solution with individually customised industrial robotics.

Vision Expertise

Exact positioning of your robot and inspection of your parts before or after handling.

Automation Expertise

High efficiency in- and smooth operation of your plant is our common goal.

Let us know your requirements.

We meet your requirements with extensive expertise in the complete Value Chain of Automation Technology. Sustainable, scalable, user- and service-friendly concepts are our priority.