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Efficient loads transport through mobile robotics

With the help of autonomous mobile robot systems, we take care that you can produce more flexibly and effectively. Our solutions move your goods from the warehouse to production and vice versa thereby avoid burdening the people who are creating value.

Autonomous mobile robots are changing the world of automation and thereby opening up entirely new possibilities. Strenuous handling processes for humans can now be holistically carried out by robots leading to the triumph of autonomous systems not only in private households but also in modern production environments. When do you want to adopt this technology? We can assist you in this endeavour.


Sascha Beck
Development Manager

Thinking of automating your

Here you will find the ingredients for your successful intra-logistics automation…

Plan logistics efficiently

With our tools for the simulation and visualisation of complex logistical tasks, the number of vehicles, containers or buffer locations are determined – 100% virtually and reliably.

Image: OMRON

Individual Superstructures

Mobile robotics enables a barrier-free and flexible production intra-logistics. Bespoke superstructures enable the movement of a wide variety of parts and containers, whether light or heavy.

Control & Visualize

In order to effectively process the individual transport orders, middleware is required linking the fleet manager and the production control system, inclusive of respective visualisation and tracking.

Image: OMRON

Manage the fleet effectively

Up to 100 mobile robots can be controlled and managed by the fleet managers of our system partners. This allows for easy integration and use.

Transport safely

Our in-house safety engineers pay special attention to safety aspects when designing your solution. From initial Risk Assessment to CE Conformity… In any production environment.  

Cleanroom Solutions

Robotics in cleanrooms must meet special requirements. Our robot solutions meet EU GMP standards and also reliably function in ESD-protected environments.                            

Reliable components are the key to the solution

You can find the systems on which our solutions are based below.

Image: OMRON


OMRON offers a variety of mobile robots (AMR) which help us develop optimal solutions for you. OMRON has specially adapted their systems for light to medium loads. A combination with Cobots is possible.  All vehicles can be combined within a fleet.


The autonomous mobile robot systems of our partner KUKA, can omnidirectionally move loads with high tonnage. Here, too, a combination with six-axis kinematics for direct loading and unloading of machines is possible.

Image: KUKA

Virtual Planning

You can rest assured that a working solution can be verified early in the project.

Reliable Systems

For many years, our partners have been supplying mobile robotics to a wide range of industries and production environments.

Innovative Solutions

A combination of human-robot collaboration, industrial image processing and mobile robotics.

Let us know your requirements

We meet your requirements with extensive expertise in the complete Value Chain of Automation Technology. Sustainable, scalable, user- and service-friendly concepts are our priority.