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EngRoTec – Solutions has been active in the field of industrial image processing for many years. Based on the VISIONELEMENTS product developed under the AI° brand and the camera, sensor and lighting technology available on the market, we successfully implement a wide range of projects for manufacturing companies.

As experts in the field of vision & robotics and thus automation technology, it is essentially important for us to keep an eye on the entire process. Skillful alignment of image processing with the overall automation concept is best achieved if one masters the central technologies and processes oneself.


Feasibility Study


A fundamental problem in image processing is the difficult and usually ambiguous specification of requirements. As soon as you have to break out of the range of standard solutions for simple tasks available on the market, a precise analysis with the help of test parts and an intensive exchange and consultation with the customer is necessary. For this purpose, we offer our feasibility studies. Due to our know-how in robotics and automation, such studies are also informed by perspectives and experiences from these areas.

As a result, you and us gain a sound understanding of the task at hand and can use such understanding to create a qualified solution concept for you. Such a solution concept ranges from the selection of suitable image processing components through to the design of a turnkey system.


One of the most important aspects of building an image processing system is the selection and correct use of appropriate technology.

Illumination Methods

Each illumination method – bright & dark field illumination in diffuse, coaxial or collimated design, ring, area or dome illumination – is used specifically for contrasting a certain feature.



Shape-from-Shading is a tilt- and curvature-measuring 3D process. It enables the detection of defects such as cracks,
scratches, pores or notches on preferably flat surfaces. These can even be reflective or shiny.


Telecentricity enables precise dimensional measurements that sometimes even surpass tactile or laser-based measuring methods in terms of accuracy and measuring speed. Problems with e.g. object positioning are subordinated.


Laser triangulation is a method that uses structured illumination to precisely detect the geometry of an object. Object positions and deviations of the geometry can be reliably detected despite strong extraneous light.

Line Scan Cameras

For rotationally symmetrical, elongated or moving objects, very high-resolution images can be produced using line scan cameras. They enable the detection of defects such as cracks, scratches and pores, for example in glass bottles.

ID-Reading Systems

As an important additional function in the automation of production, the traceability of each product is becoming increasingly important. At the same time, the requirements for the recognition and quality of the IDs are also increasing.


The components we use form the basis for being able to use the above-mentioned technologies in an economical and customer-friendly way.


The workhorse for the majority of our image processing tasks is the VISIONELEMENTS software platform developed under our own AI° brand. Its scalability enables us to implement customer requirements economically and with a consistent user interface.


The powerful image processing library from MVTec HALCON is used in many plug-ins for VISIONELEMENTS3. Both in the prototyping phase and in serial application, the algorithms have proven their process suitability many times over.


The laser triangulation sensors we have developed under the AI° brand offer a wide range of applications in the field of precise robot guidance tasks, but also employed for geometry and presence control.


Thanks to the world’s first multi-colour illuminator and an excellent high-resolution 12-megapixel camera, only one FHV7 series smart camera is required to carry out high-precision visual inspections on a highly mixed production line.

Let us know your requirements.

We meet your requirements with extensive expertise in the complete Value Chain of Automation Technology. Sustainable, scalable, user- and service-friendly concepts are our priority.