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Virtual engineering & robotics

Robotic & Vision Engineering

Virtual engineering & robotics

Robotic & Vision Engineering

Take advantage of our expertise in virtual engineering paired with a profound technological understanding of modern robot systems.

Our key resources are our in-depth expertise in robotics and our equally in-depth expertise in industrial image processing. This is supported by our software and sensor products from the AI° image processing brand, our folding products and, in particular, the products of our partners.

"A key activity is focusing on processes and technologies, standardization to continuously improve quality and training our employees."

Our services for you


On-site visits

Automation projects depend on many factors. An on-site visit helps us to better understand your requirements and to record the conditions in detail.

Preliminary examinations

The tasks of our customers are very diverse. A preliminary investigation is usually useful for high-quality project implementation. Our laboratory offers a wide range of possibilities.

Security technology services

Safety goes hand in hand with the development of new automation concepts. In-house safety engineers accompany plant safety from concept to acceptance.
EngRoTec Safety

Development in high-level languages

We develop interfaces to control systems & robot controllers and software applications in-house.

Production & switch cabinet construction

Manufacturing and switch cabinet construction are the only parts of the value chain where we work with trusted and reliable partners.

Assembly & commissioning

Our assembly area offers extensive possibilities for professional commissioning.


Our project managers and application engineers are always available to answer your questions.


A good concept is the result of experience and agile project development in a team with our customer.

Electrical planning

We plan your system completely in EPLAN - pneumatically as well as electrically.


Your system is planned by us in 2D and 3D CAD systems, taking your wishes into account.

Software development, PLC and robotics

From 3D simulation and usability tests to commissioning - everything from a single source!

Software development, PLC and robotics

From 3D simulation and usability tests to commissioning - everything from a single source!

-Development of vision applications-

Our camera experts develop extensive vision technology applications for you in 2D & 3D.

Project management

You are the center of attention, at all times. This is guaranteed by our dedicated project management team.


An important part of every project is to train your employees in the use of the new automation solution.

Tell us your requirements.

We meet your requirements with extensive expertise in the entire automation technology value chain. We focus on sustainable, scalable, user- and service-friendly concepts.