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Robot-guided roller hemming

Robot-guided roller hemming

Folded joints play an important role in automotive production. Together with a sealant, they connect the high-quality, visible outer part with a structural part, which ensures the attachment of all kinds of parts and stability.

"We have developed our roller hemming systems to perfectly meet the requirements of today's automotive add-on parts."

Product catalog

Download our product catalog as a PDF document here.

Doors & flaps

These so-called add-on parts are the figurehead of a vehicle. We develop a so-called folding method at a very early stage, thereby laying the foundation for the feasibility and quality of the product. Together with the system design by one of our experts, you receive a perfectly coordinated overall system.

Folding tools used: FW 100 & FW 300


Wheel arch & door entry

We supply our standardized roller hemming systems for the production of hems on wheel arches and in the so-called door entry, the door frame, to many European manufacturers who have valued our products for many upper and luxury class vehicles for years. Our systems are characterized by the perfect symbiosis of durable roller tools and intelligent sensor technology from AI° for all common robot types in order to achieve the best quality and the increasingly important flexibility in production.

Folding tools used: FW 200 & FW 270


Sliding & panoramic roofs

Even though air conditioning systems have largely replaced sunroofs and panoramic roofs in small and mid-range cars, they definitely have a right to exist in the premium and luxury classes. Our folding tools are mounted stationary or on the robot and provide the basis for an efficient, cost-effective solution by combining all folding steps. We assist you with the incorporation of the sheet metal parts on the press, analyze measurement reports and derive the necessary recommendations for the quality of the overall product.

Folding tools used: FW 400

Our folding tools

Our value proposition is based on the tools and methods we have developed.

Low wear & overload protection

A special roller coating ensures reliable folding of various steel or aluminum alloys.

Compact & modular

Up to three rollers on a roller hemming tool avoid tool changes and save money.

Standardized & in stock

80% of all folds can be covered with standardized roller geometries. We can deliver within one week.


These tools have been used successfully for ten years in hundreds of applications and as standard by many manufacturers. Together with an appropriate holding device, they form a complete folding system. Thanks to their compact design, we can also reach areas that are difficult to access. A force measuring unit supports programmers or your maintenance staff in setting the optimum folding forces.


This range of tools, together with the corresponding surface protection, is used very flexibly in the area of wheel arch rebates, but also for door entrances, i.e. door frames, but also as a stationary tool for other add-on parts. Several pairs of coated rollers, which move pneumatically and are mounted on floating bearings, ensure precise folds.

  • Simple folding force adjustment (proportional valve)
  • For wheel arch rebates optionally with rebate control


Our FW 300 has a special position in the range of seaming tools, which can be used especially for areas that are difficult to access, such as in the window well of a door or in the wheel arch area. The tool can absorb force in both directions and is therefore flexible in its possible applications. This tool also offers simple set-up thanks to an integrated force measuring unit.


Sliding and panoramic roofs can be folded with the FWv400 precisely and without damaging the surface. The holding device and programming is very simple, as the technology for achieving quality is built into the tool. Four to five pairs of rollers, depending on the material of the component, are engaged by standardized offline programming.


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